Thank You, for making our event a HUGE success this year. We appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to come down and compete, help, or spectate at our event. This year we had the honor of being the Twin Cities Qualifier for the W.K.C. This means that anyone who entered and placed in the Top 4 in any of our Form / Kata Divisions or WKC Sparring Divisions is now qualified to compete at the WKC Nationals(link) held in Detroit, MI on June 6th and 7th. Black Belts who make the trip to Detroit and place in the Top 4 will be offered a spot on Team USA to compete in Dublin, Ireland Oct. 4th - 10th in a true World Event for Real World Champion Titles

As some may have heard Master Dominic Forte and Master Nathan Thorn (myself) have recently been added to the Board of Directors for the N.C.K.A. making them(us) the 1st additions in 30 years. We are excited for the new influx of competitors this will bring to our events as well as an oppurtunity to share our events with more competitors.

Our next scheduled event will be the Twin Cities Rumble on February 15th, 2015. This event will be an official N.C.K.A. Event and we anticipate 500 to 600 Competitors.

The M.B.B.L. is not going away but may take a back burner for a little bit as we will be putting a lot of preperation into making the Twin Cities Rumble an even bigger success next year. The next style of event I would like to promote is an 8 Person Tournament, this event will pre-determine 8 competitors from a specific division to compete in a night show / spectator friendly format. If you are interested in competing in this style event please feel free to contact me.

A Special Thank You to the event staff and some volunteers that made the event possible and helped it run as smooth as it did. Charles Thorn, Elisabeth Thorn, Zack Koppa, Kari Falaas, Ian Holper, Sam Nelson, Joe Abboud, Owen Landrud, Carlee Schoenecker, Robert Clark, Jackson Braatz, Dominic Forte, Nathaniel Hallberg, Brad Chapin. Jared Prom, Samuel Koppa, Aaron Knutson, Yusbith Murillo, Brenda Swanson, Kirsten Swanson.

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